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Brass parts are used in many industries, including electrical and plumbing. The main advantage of brass is its does not corrode. Machining brass is easy, we have Machined complete parts in less then 4 seconds. The manufacturing cost is very low in brass parts, However the material, the actual brass expensive it cost more than steel and aluminum. When we work will brass, every chip is saved and sold for scrape. This saving reduces the price to our customers.

Some examples of our brass work

Our products

Aluminum parts - S&E Manufacturing


Aluminum parts are used in many industries including Air Conditioners and Automotive. Aluminum is lighter than steel and has excellent corrosion resistance.
Brass parts - S&E Manufacturing


Brass parts are used in many industries, including electrical and plumbing. The Main advantage of Brass is its does not corrode.
Secondary Operations - S&E Manufacturing

Secondary Operations

We Partner with Heading Companies or source blanks from them. Making Near net shape part is a innovative way to go
Shafts - S&E Manufacturing


We have experience delivering shafts to customers. The challenges with shafts are they usually do not fit into a standard machine.
Stainless Steel parts - S&E Manufacturing

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel has a very high corrosion resistance. Stainless Steel is a challenge to machine because of its high strength and high ductility which means it wears out cutters very fast.
Steel parts - S&E Manufacturing


Steel parts are very common they are in almost every industry. The main advantage of steel is the low cost the downside is steel parts are susceptible to corrosion, to protect against that we us a rust inhibitor in the washing process.

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